Grain Free Tortillas
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Lavender Lemon Tarts

Cortex Cuisine is a way of life and a belief that no one diet or one food is a cure-all for every person. Our brains are beautiful, complex, and miraculous systems. The brain autonomously operates the body and behaves differently based on what we eat. As a result, it should be no surprise that the brain is an important organ associated to your health.

In the quest for optimum body and brain functions, we all have to find what works for each of us through trial and error and getting better acquainted with our bodies.

I have experienced first-hand the healing affect diet changes can have not only the body but also the brain. My mission is to be a resource for those looking to change their diets whether through food elimination or healthier cooking and baking. Check out my free recipes that fit a variety of diets like PALEO, gluten or grain free, low carb, no sugar, lactose free, and even vegan variations.


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